Ralph Cioffi

Ralph Cioffi

Mr. Cioffi graduated from Saint Michael’s College in Vermont in 1978. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in corporate finance, money and banking and accounting. Upon graduation Mr. Cioffi continued his education in finance as a trainee at Chemical Banking Corporation in NYC.

Mr. Cioffi then moved onto work for Merrill Lynch and Dean Witter Reynolds in their capital market units before settling into a 23-year career at Bear Stearns Inc.

At Bear Stearns Mr. Cioffi was a senior managing director in capital markets and fixed income as well as on the Board of Directors of the firm’s broker dealer. Mr. Cioffi’s 30-year career on Wall Street was in the investment banking and capital markets. He specialized in structured finance, credit derivatives, asset backed securities and principal finance.

During the 2008 financial crisis Bear Stearns was acquired by JPM Chase after which Mr. Cioffi retired in and became a full-time resident of Naples Florida.

In Naples Mr. Cioffi formed Ralph Cioffi Asset Mgmt. (RCAM LLC) as a holding company with in which he owns various real estate and investment related entities. Mr. Cioffi is also a partner at Coral Hospitality and an investor in several of the Coral sponsored investments. He serves as CEO of Climate Smart Solutions.

Mr. Cioffi is married to his wife of 39 years. They have 4 adult Children.