Guided by local community insights,
we’re shaping a sustainable and vibrant future
of inter-generational well-being where no one is left behind.


We provide full service ecosystem management & operations, mentoring & training, and technical assistance to help communities implement sustainable practices and manage
the development of their ecosystems and commodities including sales of their timber, carbon credits, habitat and other offsets, mineral, oil and gas deposits, harvesting and
planting operations.



First Nations First

Climate Smart empowers indigenous and rural communities to protect the ecosystem from external threats, preserve their language and culture, and guide key conservation decisions for their land and natural resources.

Climate Smart is in the service of creating Capital Projects that are 100% or majority Indigenous owned.

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First Nations First
Full Service

Some of the services we offer (turnkey):

  • Developing community economic development plans and proposals

  • Assisting with land and environmental management such as land use planning, environmental assessments, pollution prevention and remediation

  • Facilitating partnerships with governments, industry and other stakeholders on major resource development projects, such as mining, forestry, renewable energy and tourism

  • Supporting the transition to the First Nations Land Management Regime, which allows First Nations to opt out of the Indian Act and manage their own lands under a land code

  • Securing and managing carbon credits from forest conservation and restoration activities

  • Promoting ecological protection and stewardship of biodiversity and cultural values

Full Service
Sustainable Balance

Championing inter-generational solutions that are sustainable and healthy for both the people and the land.

Sustainable Balance